A Laugh from the Past…

The Ring, watch and the envelope…

Magic Monday! The Color Changing Scarf

Magic Monday! The Six Card Trick

Elizabeth on Britain’s Got Talent

This is a brilliant presentation. It says a lot about the proper mix of theater and illusion–of fantasy story and the live experience of the impossible.

I think it is one of the most complex presentations of story and magic I have seen.

Black Fox can use some help

Frank "Black Fox" Popovich, 53, was arrested Tuesday in connecti

As many of you may know, Frank Popovich, known as Black Fox, is in prison, convicted of the murder of his friend. He was well-known in the magic community as a creator of shells for the shell game, magic art and magic tricks, as well as American Indian costume replicas and supplies.

For those of you who knew and liked Black Fox before this terrible event, he is the same guy you knew before.

Good people can make terrible mistakes.

Frank can use some help to buy some necessities.

Money can be put on his account through “jpay” or a check or money order can be sent to:

Frank Popovich BG6516
SOL Level lll. B9-141
PO Box 4000
Vacaville, CA 95696

55% is taken out for restitution but he can still get some stuff from the canteen.

Funds can also be put on a company that he can order quarterly packages from.

Walkenhorst has an incredible variety of products that can make life a bit more bearable in prison.

Any love is appreciated.

He feels like he has been abandoned and forgotten.

Let’s show him that he is cared about.


A caring Friend and Brother

Buster Keaton, Time Traveler



This stage is leaving town in two days…

Pop Magill stagecoach

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Spring Sale at Pop’s Magic!

Pop's Soapbox


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The Magic of Bogus


I was the chief magic consultant for Bogus by Norman Jewison, 1996. It is a movie with a lot of magic and several different magicians.

It stars Whoopie Goldberg, Gerard Depardieu, and Haley Joel Osment.

Johnathan Pendragon, Johnny Thompson, and Tony Clark all worked on various magic effects throughout the show.

IMDB Bogus

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