Silk to Egg at Boobietrap

Pop Haydn in Santa Monica!

Pop Haydn at Magic Castle Cabaret, Montecito

The Sphere of Destiny Predicts

Six Card Trick

Close Up at Magic Castle Cabaret

Pops Magic Holiday Sale!

Nancy Magill at Pop’s Magic


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Pop’s Magic

Pop Haydn Medicine Show in January and February

Johnny Magoo, O.M.B.

Johnny Magoo was a wonderful performer in London. I was trying to work the streets doing magic, and kept getting stopped by the police. Ken Brookes told me that only “disabled veterans” were able to work the streets unmolested, and suggested I look for a performer with whom I could team up.

I ran into Johnny on Penny Lane and adopted me immediately. He would collect a crowd and then introduce me as his “son from America.” I would do tricks and pass the hat. We did very well and went to the Derby to work the crowds outside.

Johnny appeared in the opening to a Peter Sellers movie. He was a real charmer and excellent crowd draw.

Arthur Buckley

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