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The Amazing Miracle Oil just $10 a bottle!

Miracle Oil Large

This is a 3 oz bottle containing Pop Haydn’s Amazing Miracle Oil. This is 100% PURE high-viscosity food grade mineral oil–no additives, chemicals, dyes or perfumes. No dangerous active ingredients. It is spiritually enhanced and mesmerically influenced in a secret shamanic ritual first taught to Pop by a Placebo Indian medicine man from Cucamonga…

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“Ring, Watch & Envelope” Now Available!

Ring Watch & Env Cover

This is Pop Haydn‘s amazing routine Ring, Watch & Envelope, taught in complete detail. This is truly a miracle class routine that is actually practical to do under any performing conditions. Pop has used it in walk-around and restaurant work as well as in formal close-up and even stage conditions.

The magician borrows a ring from someone in the crowd, and has them hold the magician’s wallet as “collateral.” The magician blows on the ring and it disappears completely–both hands are completely empty.

The magician opens up the wallet, unzips a sealed compartment, and takes out and opens an envelope. Inside, instead of the ring, is the watch belonging to the spectator who was holding the wallet all this time. The ring is discovered linked onto the magicians key case.

The humor and surprises are memorable and engaging, and create a reputation-making impression. This is one of the routines that helped Pop become two-time Close-Up Magician of the Year at the Magic Castle.

Pop teaches you step by step how to do the one-handed watch steal he uses in this routine, and also the sponge ball routine he uses to take the watch, called The Trouble with Tribbles. 

Includes live video of Pop Haydn performing his sponge ball routine and Ring, Watch and Envelope at the Magic Castle.

Now available at Pop’s Magic!


DVD $25 Free Shipping Worldwide:


Downloadable Video Only $15:


Chink a Chink Instructional Video


This is the instructional video that came with the Chink a Chink set put out by Pop Haydn and Jim Riser. It is available at Pop’s Magic in downloadable format for only $10.

It demonstrates several routines with the Chink a Chink set, which are then taught by Pop Haydn and Roscoe Tarwater Beaumont.

Pop Haydn originally put out a Chink a Chink set with Encore Magic (Chris Reesman). That set was an exact copy of the antique set from Pop’s collection that belonged to Dai Vernon. When those sold out, Pop went to Jim Riser to make an improved model.

The design Jim came up with was amazing! The shell seemed to be the exact same size as the solid weights. The weights and the shell had “2 oz” inscribed into the top.

The Encore and the Riser sets are longer available and have become collectables, but the instructions can be applied to any set of Chink a Chink.

Includes a performances by Pop Haydn and Roscoe.

Just $10


The Amazing Miracle Oil

Medicine Pointing 1

Pop Haydn’s Amazing Miracle Oil

Pop Haydn’s Amazing Miracle Oil is available now at:

Pop’s General Merchandise

Miracle Oil

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Having fun with Dreamscope

The Magic of Magnetized Water!







Trust the Original

Pop Haydn’s Original Magnetized Water from California




be attractive small

Bruce Gold Attractive

Torn and Restored Newspaper

The Contesting Spectator

Pop Haydn performs his routine the Chicago Surprise on stage for a reluctant volunteer.

For the Magic Student:

To become a great performer, you must be prepared to deal with the spectator assistant who fights with you, contesting every procedure. One must design a routine to be ready for the combative spectator.

Actually, conflict increases the stakes emotionally, and makes an effect play much stronger by making the story more interesting.
Protagonist tries to show a card trick, Antagonist wants to contest every procedure: conflict! Protagonist finds card anyway: Resolution!

Every magic trick is a little play. We should look for the places where an intelligent, well informed person might want to object to a procedure and make sure you can handle what they throw at you–make sure you have strategies and outs so that no matter what they do you are okay.

When you are prepared, you can relax and enjoy the exchange, and intensify the emotional conflict. Let them see you sweat. Let them see you tread water. Let them see you a little ticked off.

Let them watch how you handle conflict. Let them share in your victory, without making your assistant look bad.

A good actor does this by going through the play of the routine one step at a time, playing the part and honestly reacting to what is happening.

Such conflict is your friend and can greatly enlarge your audience reactions. It is not about having the skill to think and respond on the spot; it is about planning and preparing for everything in advance.

What gives magicians the seeming ability to go with the flow and respond with unflappable aplomb to anything that happens really comes more from experience and pre-planning.

The Chicago Surprise is a powerful sleight of hand card routine that can even play on stage because of its thoroughly engineered design.

Pop Haydn’s Chicago Surprise is available at:

Pop’s Magic

Pop Haydn Posters Available

Pop Haydn has made five of his show posters available at Pop’s Magic. These are beautifully done posters by well-known graphics artist Steve Mitchell, printed in full color on heavy stock.

They are only $15 each, which includes shipping–we have free shipping worldwide on all our products!

These are wonderful and colorful posters that will light up any room.

More information or purchase HERE

Magnetized Water at Mirtollucci & Sons

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