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Hydro-Static Glass Now Shipping!

Hydro-Static Glass

Now Shipping!

Only 16 left!

Pop Haydn at Boobietrap!


Pop Haydn performs his version of the color-changing scarves at Scot Nery’s Boobietrap! in Hollywood, April 12th, 2018.


Pop Haydn’s Hydro-Static Glass returns!

Hydro-Static Glass

In this very “easy to do” miracle, the magician fills a glass with water, covers the mouth with a piece of blotting paper, and turns it over. The water stays in the glass! He then removes the paper and the water still remains in the glass until the magician commands it to release.

This is a classic trick made practical with all plastic props that look great and work perfectly. No fear of breaking anything on the road.

The tumbler is crystal clear, unbreakable polycarbonate. This material looks just like glass. The gimmick in the glass is perfectly hidden by the star design in the bottom of the glass.

These have been off the market for a couple of years. We are doing a limited run in conjunction with The Magic Apple.

They will sell for $50 each.

We will begin shipping these by the end of April. We only have a very limited supply, so we are taking pre-orders beginning now. We have free-shipping world-wide.

For more info:

Pop’s Magic

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