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Be More Attractive! Drink Pop Haydn’s Magnetized Water!

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Be more attractive!

Drink Pop Haydn’s Original Magnetized Water from California.

Pop Haydn’s Radio-Medicine Show

Jagger Peyton Entertainment Group

The Pop Haydn Radio-Medicine Show is now being distributed by Jagger Peyton Entertainment Group in association with Radio Submit (
To hear some clips and get more information about our show, go to:

Get your free GACP campaign kit!

There are still free campaign kits for Election 2012 available, folks!

Get ‘em while they are free!

You get a Pop Haydn campaign button, a campaign poster Postcard, and a Greater American Confidence Party membership card.

Free shipping and Handling!

Now we can’t keep this offer up for very long (the button alone sells for $3.25 in our online store) but we want to give everyone a chance, and don’t want to put up with the whiners who come back saying, “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to quit giving stuff away free?”

So this is your chance. All you have to do is sign up on our membership list at the GACP Online Headquarters

Don’t be a loser!

Sign up for the sake of the country.

At least go look at the page to find out what this is all about.

You don’t want to be the last one to know, do you?

Help strike a blow for the thin “Sanity Fringe” of American politics.


To get you in the mood, here is Pop’s new campaign theme, by Professor Dave Bourne:

Bombasto March — Dave Bourne

You can find Dave Bourne’s CDs and more information about him at:

The Bombasto March is from the CD Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra

Van Tee won’t strip!

This is Phil Van Tee, an incredible entertainer. He is going to be appearing at the Monday Night Tease with Pop Haydn, but he won’t be taking off his clothes, which will be a relief to many and a disappointment to a few, probably very few…

Phil, like Pop, is a creature of another time, an expatriate of the early 20th Century marooned here in a strange time and place. He loves it here, though. Not only is the toilet paper better, but you can sell people a little bottle of water for four bucks! His love for the 21st Century is tempered by his feeling that ground has been lost that was dearly paid for by the working man.

This Tall Teller of Tales  (6′ 8″ !) has spent 25 years as a clean standup comedian in addition to his 30  years as a magician. That means he is more entertaining than most comedians and  funnier than almost all magicians. He will be performing for you as a musician.

He is a graduate of Ringling Brother’s Clown College, and is a wonderful singer song-writer with his heart in Old Time, folk, union and protest songs.

Phil has appeared on:

Reno 911
Showtime’s “Who’s Got  Jokes?”
The Man Show
Mad T. V.
A& E’s “Comedy On The  Road”
“The Latino Laugh Festival” (Si T. V.)
“Inside Joke” (Si T.V.) and several times on Nickelodeon!

You can find out more about Phil Van Tee at

Phil Van Tee will be appearing with Pop Haydn, Lili VonSchtupp, and Pop’s Tarts on Monday, October 24th at the Monday Night Tease at 3 Clubs in Hollywood.

Phil Van Tee

The Monday Night Tease is the longest running traditional burlesque show in Hollywood. The show is produced and run by the fabulous, talented and sexy, and very, very naughty Lili VonSchtupp.

The crowd is mixed and friendly, and welcoming.

It is a good show for couples as well as single ladies and men.

The atmosphere is fun and upbeat, and a maybe just a little raunchy…magic, music, comedy and near-naked ladies–what could be better?

It’s Hollywood Night Life in the 21st Century, people!

Scoundrels and Trollops

Monday Night Tease hosted by Pop Haydn

Burlesque by:

Anastasia Vonteaserhausen
Isabella Star
Miss Angie Cakes
Glama Sutra
Kate Fox
Venus Demille

with a special guest appearance by Phil Van Tee

$15 advance tickets:

Bar Opens: 6pm
Seating Starts: 9:30pm
Show Starts: 10pm

3 Clubs
1123 Vine St.
(Vine at Santa Monica)
Los Angeles, CA 90038

No photography.

Performers subject to change without notice.

Plenty of free street parking.

21+, full bar, no food.

My Southern Can is Mine

Madame Pamita’s wonderful music video of “My Southern Can is Mine,” her butt-kicking answer to Blind Willie McTell’s “Your Southern Can is Mine.”

This recording is from the CD Madame Pamita’s Wax Works. All the music on this CD was recorded on Edison Wax Cylinders.

This video was shot with film cameras from the 1930’s.

I play myself in a cameo appearance.

Madame Pamita makes an appearance on the Pop Haydn Radio-Medicine Show. You can listen here: Pop’s Radio Medicine Show

You can find out more about Madame Pamita and her music at Madame Pamita’s Website

You can hear Willie McTell’s version here:

25,760 views of Medicine Show Band:

I had not checked in a long time, but just noticed that my video of Professor Dave Bourne and the Medicine Show Band had hit over 25, 760 views.

This is great!

Dave Bourne is one of the finest Old Time musicians around, and his band has incredible players. They appear on our Post-Modern Medicine Show, of course, as well as in our Radio-Medicine Show, our Old Time Internet Hour, and at every Soapy Smith Night at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Dave was the piano player at the Gem Saloon in HBO’s Deadwood, and created a lot of the music for that show. Dave started out playing piano in 1958 at the Calico Saloon at Knott’s Berry Farm.

He played bass for the Wagonmasters, a cowboy band that played ar0und the campfire at the Wagon Camp at Knott’s from 1955-1968.

You can find out more about Professor Dave Bourne and the Medicine Show Band, and purchase CDs at

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Sons of the Pioneers: Tumbling Tumbleweeds

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