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Eric Buss invents Bubble Wrap Bike!

“In case you haven’t heard, my “Bubble Wrap Bike” video has gone viral on Youtube. As I write this, on day number four, it has half of a million views and counting. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!” –Eric Buss

Just heard from my friend Eric Buss that his video of his new invention has gone viral, and that it has been picked up by CNN, MSN, Huffpost, Gizmodo, LiveLeaks, ifunny, and numerous other outlets all over the world. Eric was even called “The New King of Pop!”

So cool! I am very jealous of this ingenious creation, Eric!

Good on you!

Pop’s Magic is Open!

For magicians, I have just opened a new website, Pop’s Magic where I will be selling my books, dvds, and magic props.

I am just starting it, beginning with a wonderful new prop, The Hydro-Static Glass.

Hydro-Static Glass

In this very “easy to do” miracle, the magician fills a glass with water, covers the mouth with a piece of blotting paper, and turns it over.

The water stays in the glass!

This is Science.

He then removes the paper, and the water remains in the glass still–

This is Magic!

On command, the water releases itself and falls into a pitcher or tub.

This classic trick is amazing and fun to do, but it has been hard to find the right prop. The glass tumblers were too easy to break, and made too much noise when the gimmick is being placed.

Finding a plastic tumbler that looked like real glass on stage, that was unbreakable, and scratch resistant wasn’t easy. It also needed to be able to take the necessary preparation without cracking.

This tumbler is perfect!

It even has a design on the bottom that is very deceptive, and perfectly hides the secret.

Pop Haydn’s Hydro-Static Glass is made of polycarbonate, which is much stronger, harder and more scratch resistant than acrylic.

It is a restaurant-quality 16 oz tumbler that will give years of service.

It comes with four pages of photos and detailed instructions, the gimmick, and the tumbler.

You can find a video of Pop Haydn’s Magnetized Water routine that features the Hydro-Static Glass, recorded before a live audience at the Magic Castle HERE. This is only the prop for the Hydro-Static Glass as it is described above, and not Pop’s Magnetized Water routine.)

This product will begin shipping August 4th, 2013.

$40.00 US

Free Shipping and Handling — Anywhere in the World! 

Pop’s Magic is at

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Magnificent Performance on Ukraine’s Got Talent

The Teleportation Device — Pop Haydn in the Palace

Pop Haydn performs his original routine, the Teleportation Device in the Palace of Mystery at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

The Amazing Miracle Oil — Pop Haydn

Pop Haydn pitches the Amazing Miracle Oil in the Palace of Mystery at the Magic Castle.

Pop Haydn in the Palace by Billy Baque

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Billy Baque of Pop Haydn in the 21st Century! in the Palace of Mystery at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Pop Haydn with Sophie Evans, Patrick Culliton, John Eddings and Nancy Magill.

Magnetized Water — Pop Haydn in the Palace of Mystery

This is Pop Haydn’s original routine, Magnetized Water, performed in the Palace of Mystery at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Six Card Trick–Pop Haydn at the Magic Castle

From July 7th performance by Pop Haydn in the Palace of Mystery at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

This is his own routine for a classic effect called the Six Card Trick.

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