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The Mongolian Pop Knot

Pop Haydn performs the Mongolian Pop-Knot at Magicopolis in Santa Monica, California.

Junkyard Magic, March 5th in Simi Valley!

Junkyard Magic MAR 5


Pop Haydn and Mark Haslam to appear at the Junkyard Cafe in Simi Valley, California.

More info here:

Adventure is not just for the young.

It’s silicone, John!


Do a friend a favor–

Do a friend a favor

Friends are a blessing–


Adventure is not just for the young!


Photo by Billy Baque

Pop Haydn on Invisibility…


Photo by Billy Baque

Interview with Pop Haydn in Artefake!

Photo by Billy Baque

Photo by Billy Baque

Click Here for Interview —

Pop Haydn explains Magnetized Water!


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