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The Six Card Trick

The Color-Changing Scarf

The Sphere of Destiny Predicts

Killer Epic

Pop Haydn’s 2019 Scandinavian Lecture Tour

Doug Henning ~ Fickle Nickel

Miser’s Dream

Working on a Miser’s Dream routine. Just got these Morgan Dollar steel palming coins back from the plater. Also had a bunch of steel Morgans nickel plated. They look really good with nickel plating.

Monday Night Magic

The Teleportation Device

Pop's Soapbox

My routine for the Bill in Lemon is called the Teleportation Device.

I first came up with the concept in the early Eighties:

The idea began when I was reading Wilfred Johnson’s Magic Tricks and Card Tricks. There was a routine described where the magician borrowed from the audience a dollar bill, had it signed and then made it disappear.

At that point he asked to “borrow” a raw egg from anyone in the house. A gentleman on the first row stood up and reached into his pocket and matter of factly drew out a fresh egg and handed it to the magician.

The magician then cracked the egg with a spoon and using tweezers pulled out the soggy signed dollar.

I loved the joke, and it sold me on the routine. But by the time the routine was fully developed, the joke was left on the cutting…

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It’s my birthday!

Pop Haydn, July 2019

I turn seventy years old today. It is hard to believe. I am having way too much fun. Cheers, everyone!

Photo by Taylor Wong.

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