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Pop Haydn meets Nico

I met a member of the Magic Castle for the first time last night as I worked the W. C. Fields Bar. He is a wonderful artist named Nico. Nico is Nicolas Marlet, a top animation and character artist at Dreamworks. He showed me some of the sketches he drew while watching me, and gifted me with one:

Nico draws Pop



From Wikipedia:

Nicolas “Nico” Marlet is a French-American animation artist, character designer and skilled drummer. He is best known for his character design work in the Dreamworks films Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon, although early in his career he worked on Disney television shows such as TaleSpin and DuckTales. He also worked on an unproduced animated version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. His work has appeared in several “art of” books, including The Art of Kung Fu Panda, The Art of How to Train Your Dragon, The Art of Bee Movie, and his own limited edition sketchbook containing some of his personal works. ~

More here:

I love working at the Magic Castle. I am always meeting new and amazing people.

Pop Haydn Captures Stage


Pop Haydn, “Stage Magician of the Year” by Steve Mitchell

Pop Haydn nominated for Stage Magician of the Year!

Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle)
The AMA Elections Committee, Board of Directors, and Board of Trustees are proud to announce the 2014 Showroom Award Nominees!

Woody Aragon
Bill Goodwin
Armando Lucero
Garrett Thomas
Richard Turner

Chris Capehart
Handsome Jack (John Lovick)
Derek Hughes
Gregory Wilson
Rob Zabrecky

Mike Caveney
Shoot Ogawa
Garrett Thomas
Steve Valentine
Gregory Wilson

David and Leeman
Pop Haydn
Tina Lenert
Shoot Ogawa
Arthur Trace

Pop Haydn in the Close Up Gallery — Chicago Surprise

Pop Haydn in the Close Up Gallery — Multiple Cards to Pocket

Pop Haydn in the Close Up Gallery

Pop Haydn and Chef Anton perform at the Magic Castle, Jan 2, 3 and 4th


Pop Haydn (Photo by Billy Baque)

Pop Haydn and Chef Anton will be performing on Jan 2nd (Founders Day) and Jan 3rd and 4th in the Peller Theater of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Pop Haydn will be performing magic and explaining his Original Magnetized Water from California.

Chef Anton is a magician, as well as two-time National Trick Shot Champion at Pool. He is Pop Haydn’s partner in the School for Scoundrels ( and will be doing his best to charm and con everyone in the room.

The Peller Theater is a 45 minute show in an intimate theater. site has been upgraded!

Pop Haydn in the W. C. Fields Bar ~ Billy Baque has been upgraded!

We now take all major credit cards directly on our SSL protected website, and also accept PayPal.

Our digital products can be downloaded directly immediately at purchase.

These and other improvements can be found at Pop’s Magic

My new hand-made Okito Coin Box!

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I have been spending the last few days playing with my new Okito Coin Box. This is a wonderful piece made be craftsman Craig Ousterling.

Billy Baque has been staying with me the past few days, and he oversaw the machining of the piece which Craig does on a small lathe, and gifted me with this. Billy has been staying at my house the last few days, and he has been helping me design my routine for the box. Photos by Billy Baque.

I am very excited about the routine, and pleased beyond measure at this generous gift.

Craig Ousterling can be reached here:

Pop Haydn and Phil Van Tee in the Peller Theater

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Pop Haydn and Phil Van Tee in the Peller Theater of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. February 2, 2014.

Photos by Billy Baque


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