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Pop Performs his original routine for the Six Card Trick at Ron Saylor’s “Celebrities of Magic” at the Gaslight Melodrama Theater in Bakersfield, California. October 2019.

Jim Riser Dye Tubes Available for Short Time!

Jim Riser has consented to spin another 40 of his dye tubes for us. These are spun out of aluminum, and are designed with some unique features like a shoulder that keeps the silk from wanting to “pop out.” It will comfortably work with a 24″ silk.
This is Jim Riser’s original design for the Dye Tube. It is a hand held gimmick that will hold a 24″ scarf comfortably. It is approximately 2″ in Diameter and 3″ long.
If your palm is less than 3″ inches when measured from the base of the thumb across the palm to the heel of the hand, then this may not work for you. You might need to use a gimmick designed for a 24″ scarf.
When these are gone, that will be it. Jim Riser will not be making any more of these.
They are finished and ready for shipping, so we should have them within the next ten days.

$50 each
Free Shipping worldwide.

Purchase Here

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