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Passing the Weights Instruction Video Released

Pop’s Magic has just released a nearly fifty minute video on Pop Haydn’s routine “Passing the Weights.” This routine includes some really useful ideas for showing the hands empty between each phase, swapping a hidden weight from one hand to another and more.

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Pop Haydn’s Medicine Show

Pop Haydn’s 21st Century Medicine Show at Magicopolis in Santa Monica. October 4/5/6th 2019.

Pop Haydn Souvenir Merchandise

Lots of fine merchandise and memorabilia for Pop Haydn is available at

Cafe Press

Magnetized Water Available this weekend at Magicopolis!

We will have Pop Haydn’s Original Magnetized Water from California and Pop Haydn’s Amazing Miracle Oil available for sale this weekend at Pop Haydn’s 21st Century Medicine Show in Santa Monica.

Each costs $5 a bottle. This is a bargain! Don’t miss your opportunity!

Plus: Music, Magic and Comedy!

It’s good for what ails you!

It’ll Make you feel better!

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