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Principles are important…


I will never shrink from engaging any man on the field of honor…

Pop on Honorable Dueling

Handy Refrigerator Magnets:




Pop Haydn has a plan to end global warming!





Magnetic Water Warning!


Funny! Fitzgerald Interviews Pop Haydn!

Our Drummer

Pop Haydn is working hard to spread the word about “Pop Haydn’s Original Magnetized Water from California.” Pop is an old-school, probably “old-fashioned” marketer and believes in on the ground level salesmanship. Our global marketing staff is finding ways to let people know about our product in the most immediate and personal way. 

“Stories of a Street Performer” by Pop Haydn

Street Magician 1974

Whit “Pop” Haydn, 1974

“Whit “Pop” Haydn, six-time award winning Magician and former Vice President of the world famous Magic Castle, shares his over 40 years of experiences performing magic all around the world. Stories of a Street Performer is a classic tale and a must read. This book is filled with vital lessons for the up and coming performer and life lessons that all can learn from. Whether you are an aspiring performer, a fan of magicians, or a seeker of exciting stories, this is one book you will not be able to put down.”

Balloon Pop?

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Balloon Pop with medicine bottle by FuDD. Performed in Tucson last week for an SAM banquet and Daniel from Balloons by FuDD made this wonderful balloon for me.

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