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Pop Haydn is running again…


Folks, this is an election year–I will be running for something! Please join the “Greater American Confidence Party” by hitting LIKE. We are growing fast. In Sanity We Trust! Let’s bring confidence back to the government! Professional confidence, not the amateur stuff we’ve been getting…

You can find more info about the Greater American Confidence Party and Pop Haydn’s platform at

Please join the cause and the party, which is a purely virtual online party, by hitting LIKE at


Be more attractive!


Dai Vernon schools Doug Henning on the Linking Rings


Junkyard Magic!



Pop Haydn is not originally from the 21st Century himself, but has been trapped here with a bunch of other maroons from another, very different time and place.
Pop is a magician, comedian, musician and medicine pitchman.
He is a past Vice-President of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, and has been named performing “Magician of the Year” six times.
He is the co-founder with Chef Anton of School for Scoundrels, a course on con games and street hustles taught at the Magic Castle for the last eighteen years.


Born in England, Nick relocated to the USA and quickly became a Las Vegas showroom favorite.
He’s shared the stage with performers such as Tony Bennett, Reba McIntire, Kenny Rogers and Paul Anka.An accomplished magician and comedian Nick has made his mark in nearly every area of the entertainment world.
He has performed for British Royalty and President Ronald Regan.He has appeared on over fifty National television shows, including Dynasty, Amazing Stories, Trapper John,
Kung Fu: the Legend Continues and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Junkyard Magic

A special dinner will kick of the evening at 7.00PM followed by a one of a kind magical event beginning at 8.00PM. 

The price of admission, including a specially selected meal is only $30, group  discounts are available. Reservations are available by calling the Junkyard Cafe.

Be a part of a fresh and magical series of events that promises to bring a premiere entertainment experience to Simi Valley. Come and be a part of the magical gems to be found in ‘The Junkyard,’ and be a part of an exciting new combination of entertainment and dining!

Wednesday February 5, 2014

 Reservations only. Tickets will
not be sold at the door.

At The Junkyard Cafe
2585 Cochran St.
Simi Valley, CA 93065
or call (805) 520-5865

Pop Haydn in Santa Clara, California Saturday, Jan 11th!


Be More Attractive! Drink Pop Haydn’s Magnetized Water!

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Be more attractive!

Drink Pop Haydn’s Original Magnetized Water from California.

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