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Pop Haydn’s Killer Epic now available at Pop’s Magic!

from Killer Epic

Pop’s Magic is now releasing Pop’s instructional video on his routine for the mental epic slate called “Killer Epic.”

To see a live performance of this routine and find more info,

Click Here

Amazing Miracle Oil & Magnetized Water on Sale!

Pop Haydn will be selling his new Magnetized Water (diluted for drinking purposes) and the Amazing Miracle Oil at the Medicine Show at Magicopolis. October 4, 5, & 6th.

Get tickets at

I want you to do me a favor…

No pressure…

Pop Haydn’s Medicine Show in Santa Monica!

Magic Castle 1991

Mongolian Pop Knot at 3 Clubs

What Pop Memes…

Pop Haydn’s Medicine Show at Magicopolis!

Pop's Soapbox

Magic, Comedy, and Music!

It’s Good for What Ails You!

It’ll Make You Feel Better!

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The Fallen

Shell Game on Penn & Teller

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