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Brookledge Follies almost there…




We are SOOOOOO close to reaching our goal!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has supported the Brookledge Follies by backing or boosting this project. I am deep touched by the outpouring of love, enthusiasm and encouragement. We have set the date for the Brookledge Theater Grand Re-Opening next year: May 17, 2014.

My goal is to have all of the work completed by May 8, 2014. That is the anniversary of my dad’s birthday, and this will be our gift to him… and to everyone who loves Brookledge. Thank you to all. Truly and deeply. xoxoxo

— Erika Larsen

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs


Lester Flatt and the Nashville Grass


I never met Earl Scruggs, but I was always a big fan. His passing is quite a loss. No one did more for the popularization of the banjo than that wonderful performer.

In 1977 I opened for Lester Flatt at Tombstone Junction in Kentucky. The youngest member of the band and I hung out all day–that was mandolin player Marty Stuart kneeling on the lower left.

What a great band that was!

新年快乐 恭喜发财

The Year of the Dragon is upon us. Big celebration in Chinatown tonight at Midnight. Fireworks, dragons and lions. Celebration!

Here is some important fast-breaking info to help get you through the next fifteen days:

Mandarin Chinese:
新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè, pronounced “sheen nyen kwy luh”) = Happy new year! (literally “The new year comes fast!”)

恭喜发财 (gōng xǐ fā cái, pronounced “gong shee fah tsy”) = Wishing you a prosperous new year! (literally “May you have much joy and wealth!”)

Cantonese Chinese:
新年快乐 (san nin faai lok) = Happy new year!     (literally “The new year comes fast!”)

恭喜发财 (gung hei faat choi) = Wishing you a prosperous new year!     (literally “May you have much joy and wealth!”)

The most common auspicious greetings and sayings consist of four characters, such as the following:

  • 金玉滿堂     Jinyu mantang – “May your wealth [gold and jade] come to fill a hall”
  • 大展鴻圖     Dazhan hongtu – “May you realize your ambitions”
  • 迎春接福     Yingchun jiefu – “Greet the New Year and encounter happiness”
  • 萬事如意     Wanshi ruyi – “May all your wishes be fulfilled”
  • 吉慶有餘     Jiqing youyu – “May your happiness be without limit”
  • 竹報平安     Zhubao pingan – “May you hear [in a letter] that all is well”
  • 一本萬利     Yiban wanli = “May a small investment bring ten-thousandfold profits”
  • 福壽雙全     Fushou shuangquan – “May your happiness and longevity be complete”
  • 招財進寶     Zhaocai jinbao – “When wealth is acquired, precious objects follow”

Now give me a red envelope.

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