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Pop Haydn in the Close Up Gallery

Pop’s Magic releases Rising Card Video

rising card 1

This is thirty minute downloadable video by Pop Haydn on the use of the “Thin-Model Rising Card Deck.” This is Barry M. Gibbs refinement of the Devano Rising Cards first published in 1948. These decks are available from various manufacturers as “The Rising Card Deck.”

It is one of the most convincing and powerful versions of this classic effect, and the method is practical and not difficult to perform.

The instructions that come with this deck are always very limited and don’t reflect the thought and full use of the technical advances in this method.

Most magicians never really get the full use and power out of this wonderful item.

On this video Pop teaches his deck switch and how he presents the rise in the spectator’s hand both in walkaround and in formal close up situations.

He also explains how to tighten and refresh the deck so that it stays in like new condition.

He teaches how to handle the deck so that it can be fanned, and so that the performer can use the Multiple Swing Cut, Hindu Shuffle, and other natural looking moves with this mechanical deck.

There is a huge difference between magic taken “Off the Shelf” and how that same magic looks in the hands of an expert.

Pop Haydn will turn your performance of this classic into real amazement and astonishment for your audiences.

This is a downloadable video. This purchase does not include the Rising Card Deck.

Purchase Here

Pop Haydn in the Palace of Mystery

Pop Haydn in the Palace of Mystery at the Magic Castle, Wednesday February 1, 2017. Photos by Billy Baque.

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Pop does the Linking Rings

Pop does the Tantalus Tubes!

The Multiplying Balls

Re-modeled Ken Brooke Bottles


Remodeled Bottles


Label by Steve Mitchell


Original Ken Brooke Bottles

October Palace of Mystery by Billy Baque

Billy Baque photographs from the Palace of Mystery at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood featuring Mark Kalin and Jinger, Lindsay Benner and Pop Haydn.

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Rob Zabrecky on Penn & Teller “Fool Us”

Billy McComb’s Vanishing Bird Cage

The late, truly great Billy McComb performing his Slow Motion Vanishing Bird Cage:

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