The Weasel Wins!

Our New Mascot -- The Weasel

The election for the Greater American Confidence Party mascot has ended. The Weasel is the victor. From now on, we in the GACP will be represented by a weasel. Thanks for all of your participation. Finally, we can move forward as a party to victory!

Next we will have to choose a candidate for president of the United States.

I humbly put my name up for consideration.

The results of the month-long poll:

Who should be the mascot for the American Confidence Party?

Answer Votes Percent
Weasel 123 63%
Wild Turkey 32 16%
Grey Fox 18 9%
Racoon 13 7%
Badger 5 3%
Opossum 3 2%

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  1. As for choosing a candidate, there really is only one man for the job:

    Pop Haydn will bring a whole new sense of confidence to the White House.



  2. It’s refreshing to know that non-stop lobbying–not to mention string-pulling and some good old fashioned ballot box stuffing–can still turn the trick even in this modern age.

    Pop goes the Weasel…next stop, Washington D.C.!!!


  3. I am so happy the Weasel won. It represents our party the best. Now, with the Weasel as our mascot, we need to concentrate on getting Pop as POTUS.

    VOTE POP!!!!!


  4. While I bow to the majority, I can’t help feeling that the choice of a “One Percenter” is a mistake…


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