Pop Haydn performs the Hydro-Static Glass


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  1. I received mine and I’ve never seen one made so well. Works like a charm. Thanks, Pop!


  2. I love plastic. And Polycarbonate the best! Lightweight and bulletproof. I may trade you for another set of those plastic dishes from your Stupid Bean Trick. I am using one set for the Six Card Repeat, so now I need another to do your Stupid Bean Trick.


    • Anytime Pop. I love to barter. Contact me and let’s make it happen. It does take a while to find the right stuff and to tell you the truth I really like the props for the Stupid Bean Trick too. I used metal for years, but this is clear. More baffling for the audience. Nothing to hide and “Street Rugged”.


  3. Love the Hydro Static Glass. I’ll be getting one of yours. I have one now, in glass. Nice, but you know how I am on props. Knock ’em alive my friend… Bro. Paul


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