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Pop Haydn in the Palace


Pop Haydn will be performing this week beginning tonight (Feb 29 – March 6) in the Palace of Mystery at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Also performing on the show will be manipulative artist Dale Salwak and the colorful Yuji Yamamoto and Mariko.


Pop Haydn’s “Shindig” on March 31st

Shindig Front

Shindig Back

More Info & Buy Tickets

New Free Page for Students of Magic


Pop Haydn in the WC Fields Bar

Pop’s Magic has added a new free page with videos and comments about magic and performance geared for the advanced student.

Click HERE

Leaving for Florida!


Pop Haydn and Nancy Magill

Magill and I are heading off in the morning for Florida. We are having a fun magic lecture tour, and then we have the day off in Orlando for our Valentine’s Day which is also our 16th wedding anniversary.

We found out we could go first class on a plane or take coach. They both somehow arrive in Florida about the same time!

So we decided to ride coach because it was so much cheaper and seemed a little more familiar. I’ll let you know how they move a coach that fast after tomorrow.

I love the 21st Century!

Florida Lecture


Boca Raton added to Pop’s Tour

Florida Lecture

Pop will be doing a lecture tour through Florida beginning Feb 9th at Fort Meyers until Feb 18th. Nancy Magill will be accompanying him on this St. Valentine’s week trip.

We are really looking forward to this tour. Boca Raton has just been added. Above is our finalized schedule.

Our lectures are booked by Nelson Fu. (

For more information, contact the individual hosts in your nearest city.

“Chink a Chink” Set from Ronjo

chinkachink ronjo

Ronjo Chink a Chink Set

Ronjo puts out a very nice set of Chink a Chink that works well for the routines on Pop Haydn’s video instructional on Chink a Chink.
​These are highly recommended!
​You can go to Ronjo’s site:


Pop Haydn performs his routine for Chink a Chink


Pop Haydn & the Sphere of Destiny

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Pop Haydn and the Vanishing Train

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