Pop’s Magic is Open!

For magicians, I have just opened a new website, Pop’s Magic where I will be selling my books, dvds, and magic props.

I am just starting it, beginning with a wonderful new prop, The Hydro-Static Glass.

Hydro-Static Glass

In this very “easy to do” miracle, the magician fills a glass with water, covers the mouth with a piece of blotting paper, and turns it over.

The water stays in the glass!

This is Science.

He then removes the paper, and the water remains in the glass still–

This is Magic!

On command, the water releases itself and falls into a pitcher or tub.

This classic trick is amazing and fun to do, but it has been hard to find the right prop. The glass tumblers were too easy to break, and made too much noise when the gimmick is being placed.

Finding a plastic tumbler that looked like real glass on stage, that was unbreakable, and scratch resistant wasn’t easy. It also needed to be able to take the necessary preparation without cracking.

This tumbler is perfect!

It even has a design on the bottom that is very deceptive, and perfectly hides the secret.

Pop Haydn’s Hydro-Static Glass is made of polycarbonate, which is much stronger, harder and more scratch resistant than acrylic.

It is a restaurant-quality 16 oz tumbler that will give years of service.

It comes with four pages of photos and detailed instructions, the gimmick, and the tumbler.

You can find a video of Pop Haydn’s Magnetized Water routine that features the Hydro-Static Glass, recorded before a live audience at the Magic Castle HERE. This is only the prop for the Hydro-Static Glass as it is described above, and not Pop’s Magnetized Water routine.)

This product will begin shipping August 4th, 2013.

$40.00 US

Free Shipping and Handling — Anywhere in the World! 

Pop’s Magic is at www.popsmagic.com

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  1. Pop, in the past you have sold full routines which IMO are masterpieces of scripting and routine construction. For these I owe you a great debt. Your rope routine and ring routine, are the basis of two of my strongest comedy pieces. I borrow from your excellent presentations of Chicago Surprise and Fast and Loose. Is there any such routine assocaited with the hydrostatic glass?


    • Thanks for your kind words, Kim. I do have a routine associated with the Hydro-Static Glass called Magnetized Water. An early version of that routine is on YouTube, or you can find it at http://www.pophaydn.com/magnetized-water.html along with some other interesting information.

      But I am not yet releasing that routine. I have only been doing this for about six months. There is a lot that I have changed already, and more that needs to be fixed. I keep improving the equipment and the routine. I never release anything until it is polished until I am satisfied with it. The Teleportation Device was a routine I invented in 1981, but didn’t publish until 1994. I invented my Linking Ring Routine in 1968, and released it in 1979.

      It will be at least a few years of working this in front of audiences before I would want to release it.

      However, the prop for the Hydro-Static Glass came out so well, that I wanted to go ahead and release it to the magic community. It is sturdy, handsome, and practical, and handles beautifully. There are many presentations out there for the Hydro-Static Glass.


  2. “Page not found” … but I’m very happy to hear about this: I’ve been looking for just this prop.
    Thanks Pop, I’m looking forward to your new store.


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