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Patti Smith sings at Nobel for Dylan

Multiplying Balls Download Available!


Pop Haydn’s newest video teaches his routine for the Multiplying Balls.

Pop Haydn developed a way to do the Multiplying Billiard Balls in the 1960’s on the streets of New York City. This same routine enabled him to perform the routine in cocktail parties and walk-around, and even in the round.

In this video, Pop teaches every detail of his routine, and the psychology, as well as his patter. The routine works silently or with music, but it lends itself especially well to patter for walk around and parlor situations.

Pop’s Magic


The Multiplying Balls

December Sale at Pop’s Magic!


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Pop’s Magic

Have Pop Haydn entertain your guests!

Pop Knot 1

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Pop in the Palace November 2016

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Pop Haydn in the Palace of Mystery at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Photos by Billy Baque. November, 2016.

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