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Pop Haydn in Watertown, MA!


Pop’s Lecture Tour comes to Watertown!


Pop’s lecture tour coming to Watertown!


In support of anecdotal evidence…


Pop Lectures in Watertown Sept 28th!




Get a Pop Haydn Campaign Button!

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Pop Haydn Campaign Button


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Lecture tour in the Northeast USA!


Walking through a table…

Pop’s Exhibition Shell Game

Pop's Shell Game Front


Pop Haydn’s Exhibition Shell Game DVD ($25) is now available, and it is also available for digital download ($15). 

Pop’s Magic

Pop Haydn teaches every detail of his award-winning shell game routine. The video includes live performances of the routine in the Close-Up Gallery and the W. C. Fields Bar at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

He explains all the moves, ruses, psychology and presentational tips that he uses in his performance. It will get you up and running on this masterful and entertaining routine in a very short time.

All the moves are taught and explained, and Pop discusses all the aspects of presentation and performance.

Pop Haydn is a past Vice-President of the Magic Castle, and has been seven times named “Performer of the Year” by the magician members of the Magic Castle.

Pop is the co-founder and Dean of the School for Scoundrels. The School for Scoundrels is an eight hour course on the shell game, fast and loose and three card monte that has been taught at the Magic Castle for twenty years. The course is taught by Pop, Chef Anton and Bob Sheets in November of each year.

Pop runs for President!


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