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Baque Photography Headshot Special


Actors, Side Show Performers, Burlesque, Magicians, Clowns and Variety Entertainers

in the Los Angeles area!

Billy Baque has recently moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Baque Photography does headshots, live performance shots and event photography.

Billy is running a one-week headshot special until the 28th of February.

You can book an ordinarily $500 shoot during this week; schedule anytime in the next three months, and get the shoot for less than half price!

For $200 you get an hour and a half shoot with two changes of look or clothes at the location of your choice within the Los Angeles area.


“Billy Baque has been my photographer for the last five years, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about his work, both in performance and character shots as well as professional headshots. He has an uncanny ability to capture performance shots at the instant the emotion registers in full.” ~ Pop Haydn


“Billy’s photoshoot was one of the best experiences that I’ve had. He’s open-minded, full of great ideas, and has this way of taking your picture–without feeling like you are being photographed!” ~ Rob Zabrecky


Contact Baque Photography:


October Palace of Mystery by Billy Baque

Billy Baque photographs from the Palace of Mystery at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood featuring Mark Kalin and Jinger, Lindsay Benner and Pop Haydn.

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Billy Baque Shoots Clown

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Gilly the Clown of the Los Angeles Clown Company

— Photos by Billy Baque

Sunflowers on my Mind

These are photos taken in my garden. It is so good to leave the office and sit outside a bit and watch the bees.

Pop Haydn’s Four Ring Routine ~ A Photo Essay

“I am not really from the 21st Century, myself…”


My new hand-made Okito Coin Box!

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I have been spending the last few days playing with my new Okito Coin Box. This is a wonderful piece made be craftsman Craig Ousterling.

Billy Baque has been staying with me the past few days, and he oversaw the machining of the piece which Craig does on a small lathe, and gifted me with this. Billy has been staying at my house the last few days, and he has been helping me design my routine for the box. Photos by Billy Baque.

I am very excited about the routine, and pleased beyond measure at this generous gift.

Craig Ousterling can be reached here:

Do a friend a favor–

Do a friend a favor

Pop Haydn and Phil Van Tee in the Peller Theater

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Pop Haydn and Phil Van Tee in the Peller Theater of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. February 2, 2014.

Photos by Billy Baque


Shell Game in the W C Fields Bar

Pop Haydn performs the Shell Game in the W. C. Fields Bar at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Pop is one of only two performers to have ever been named “Magician of the Year” in the WC Fields Bar by the members of the Magic Castle.

This performance was recorded by photographer Billy Baque on Dec 1, 2013.

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