Vote for ACP Mascot

We have had a number of wonderful suggestions for a mascot for the American Confidence Party.

We have taken the top ones to put in this poll, so we can let the people decide.

We want a mascot that reflects the values and beliefs and character of our party.

Please take a moment to check one and vote.

Participate in democracy!


Grey Fox
Wild Turkey
American Badger
American Weasel

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  1. That’s not a weasel, it’s a mongoose. They look similar, but are unrelated, being from opposite branches of the carnivores (and opposite sides of the planet). I guess you used an Indian call center. 🙂


  2. The Mysterious Dave

    I had to Weasel my way in for a vote …

    Dave Armstrong


  3. Barry Fernelius

    Wild Turkey, without a doubt.

    Any mascot that has its own bourbon can’t be all bad!


  4. I don’t know…. Everyone knows the reputation of the weasel and not to trust him. Wild Turkeys on the other hand are much smarter than they look. That could be a good thing.


  5. I like the Weasel too. Yes, Pop goes the Weasel was a favorite song I loved singing to my children and grandchildren.

    Con artists have been called Weasels. Lawyers have been called Weasels. Is there a similarity here?

    I loved Donal’s post about Weasels. I feel the Weasel would make a great mascot for the Greater American Confidence Party. You could dress it up in a pin stripe suit with a fedora and a watch chain on the vest. Hell, I may even order a Weasel puppet like that to promote the GACP.

    Vote for the Weasel, Win with the Weasel. No Worries with the Weasel. Glenn


  6. Everyone knows that Pop goes the Weasel!

    After doing a little research on the attributes and qualities ascribed to each of these animals, I opted to go with the weasel. Here’s some of what I learned about “weasel medicine”:


    Weasels are very quick ground dwelling meat eaters. They are solitary night hunters, often killing more than they eat. Rodents and chickens are its favorite diet. Weasels are also known as ermine in cold regions and are related to ferrets, mink and polecats. The weasel is agile, hard-muscled and has a cunning, yet sometimes playful mind. They are stealthy, fierce and relentless hunters.



    People who know weasel medicine have exceptional opportunity to learn powers of close observation. Searching out the meaning and cause of events, situations or problems is a positive trait of the weasel. Seeing beneath the surface of things enables the weasel spirit to contemplate deeper meanings. However, sometimes this trait can have a negative affect because seeing too deeply can be burden.

    Weasel teaches us to trust our instincts to achieve higher awareness and quietly seek resolutions to problems.

    The long, thin and lustrous body of the weasel allows it to move easily in small, narrow places. Part of the medicine of the weasel spirit is to help you find ways to negotiate through difficult, tight conditions.

    As solitary hunters, the weasel relies on cunning, graceful and silent movements to move close to its prey. This medicine is a gift of patience, knowledge and peace.

    Weasel often overestimates his abilities during the hunt and becomes vulnerable to counterattack and defeat. Walking with the weasel spirit teaches the power of discernment and modesty.

    Weasel is a fierce, relentless and sometimes reckless warrior who is often saved by its great agility and speed.

    As a fearless warrior, a weasel grabs the throat of its victim and quickly severs its arteries with sharp teeth and strong jaws – teaching those who seek the weasel to be less aggressive in relationships and show mercy in word and deed.

    It is said the weasel is a loner who has no code of honor as they often kill more than they can eat and sometimes steal the food of others. This medicine teaches us not to be wasteful and careless of others feelings and to respect the rights and property of our neighbors.


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