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Acting in Magic

Acting in Magic Cover

These are comprehensive lecture notes (21 pages) from Pop Haydn‘s acting and character development workshop.

This workshop will help the magic performer to stretch and improve their own performances. Whatever approach you take to performing, and no matter how much your performing personality is “natural” and just ” you yourself” you are already a character in the eyes of your audience.

Pop teaches you how to take control of that character and enliven and energize your performance. Pop will show you strategies for engaging and connecting with your audience. This is not esoteric theory, but concrete exercises and acting tools that can immediately begin helping your performance.

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Pop Haydn’s Lecture Notes ~ Creating the Magic Routine

Creating the Magic Cover

These are the comprehensive notes for Pop Haydn’s lecture on the art or routining magic, Creating the Magic Routine. Twentynine dense pages with live links to videos books and other important resources.

Pop Haydn started out as a street performer in the 1960’s, and has worked all over the world in every type of venue. He is a six-time award winner at the Magic Castle. Pop will talk about the psychology and the process of  routining magic. He will discuss the philosophical principles that underlie his approach to magic using his own original routines to illustrate his thinking.

He will explain how to use patter to strengthen the effect of the trick and to develop humor out of the situation rather than through “lines” and jokes. The routines he will be discussing include both stage and close up magic, and are all award-winning routines designed for real world situations. He teaches useful principles and sleights and ruses that can be applied to any routine.

Stage: Four Ring Routine, the Mongolian Pop Knot, and the Six Card Trick and The Teleportation Device

Close Up: Chicago Surprise, Multiple Peeked Cards to Pocket, Specific Resonance, Intricate Web of Distraction (color-changing knives).

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Pop Haydn’s Four Ring Routine ~ A Photo Essay

It’s Red Nose Day! Get your nose on! #RedNoseDay

Pop Red Nose

Pop Haydn

(CNN) You’ve probably noticed a lot of photos lately of celebrities wearing red clown noses.

It’s all part of an effort to bring attention to “Red Nose Day,” which started in Britain in 1988 to raise money for poverty-stricken children in the UK and Africa. This year, the fund-raiser has extended to the United States, where NBC is airing a three-hour special Thursday night.

What is it? It’s sponsored by Comic Relief UK, an organization founded after the 1985 Live Aid concert. (It helped inspire — but has no other relation to — the American telethon started by Bob Zmuda and long hosted by Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal.) The British event is held every two years. There are also Red Nose Days in Finland, Germany and Iceland.

How has it done? According to the Red Nose Day website, it’s raised more than £78 million (about $122 million at current exchange rates).

Why is it just coming to the United States? Part charity and part business, according to accounts. Variety reported that NBC executive Paul Telegdy used to work for the BBC, which has aired Red Nose Day events since the late ’80s. He’s seen the power of the event in Britain for raising money for a good cause.

More Here:

From CNN

Pop Haydn Captures Stage


Pop Haydn, “Stage Magician of the Year” by Steve Mitchell

Pop Haydn’s Magic Castle Awards




These are the performing awards I have won from the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle). The wands are all made from rosewood, ebony and silver by famous magic craftsman John Gaughan. The cases are made of cocobolo wood, except for the 1979 case which is made of walnut. They are engraved on the bottom with Johnny Gaughan’s signature. The crystal globe is from the year that Johnny didn’t make the wands, 2004. That was for “Close-Up Magician of the Year.”


Bob Sheets, Pop Haydn and Doc Eason, 2004.

All the awards I have won at the Castle up until now have been for the “Whit Haydn” character. This year’s award is the first for the “Pop Haydn” character, which I adopted in 2005.

The awards are these:

1979, Stage Magician of the Year

1995, Parlour Magician of the Year

2002, Parlour Magician of the Year

2003, Close Up Magician of the Year

2004, Close Up Magician of the Year

2005, W. C. Fields Bar Magician of the Year

2014, Stage Magician of the Year

2015 Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show Winners!

11230579_10205014665060941_1390437674748335898_n PopHaydn Stage Magician of the year DSCF2955


The member-voted award winners are:

Lecturer: Steve Valentine
Close-Up: Richard Turner
Parlour: Rob Zabrecky
Stage: Pop Haydn

A Junior Award of Merit was awarded to Sean Self.

The Junior Achievement Award went to Mark A. Gibson.

The Trustees awarded Awards of Merit to Randy Pitchford and Alan Watson

The Trustees bestowed the following Fellowships:

Creative: Mark Setteducati

Performing: John Carney

Literary and Media: Dan and David Buck

Lifetime Achievement: Walter “Zaney” Blaney

Special: Avner Eisenberg

Masters: Silvan

And the 2014 Magician of the Year is Michael Carbonaro.

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