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Pop Haydn’s Lecture Notes ~ Creating the Magic Routine

Creating the Magic Cover

These are the comprehensive notes for Pop Haydn’s lecture on the art or routining magic, Creating the Magic Routine. Twentynine dense pages with live links to videos books and other important resources.

Pop Haydn started out as a street performer in the 1960’s, and has worked all over the world in every type of venue. He is a six-time award winner at the Magic Castle. Pop will talk about the psychology and the process of  routining magic. He will discuss the philosophical principles that underlie his approach to magic using his own original routines to illustrate his thinking.

He will explain how to use patter to strengthen the effect of the trick and to develop humor out of the situation rather than through “lines” and jokes. The routines he will be discussing include both stage and close up magic, and are all award-winning routines designed for real world situations. He teaches useful principles and sleights and ruses that can be applied to any routine.

Stage: Four Ring Routine, the Mongolian Pop Knot, and the Six Card Trick and The Teleportation Device

Close Up: Chicago Surprise, Multiple Peeked Cards to Pocket, Specific Resonance, Intricate Web of Distraction (color-changing knives).

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