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$5 OFF Each Downloadable Video at Pop’s Magic!

Pop Thanks

For Black Friday, we will be selling each of our Downloadable Videos for $5 OFF!

Offer good until midnight Monday Dec 1st!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Pop Haydn’s routine Specific Resonance available for download!

1-Ambitious Card.Still003

Pop Haydn photo by Billy Baque

This is Pop Haydn‘s major performance piece with cards, a powerful trick that carries the audience on a roller coaster ride of entertainment. This version of the Ambitious Card plot has been his closeup show piece for more than forty years. It is one of the strongest and most engaging card routines to be found among the classics of card magic. First time published!

Pop explains all the moves, subtleties, psychology and performance tricks that go into making this routine such a monster.

Pop explains his ending as well using a Paul LePaul Wallet also known as the Jennings Wallet, for the card in envelope. This routine has a number of subtle touches. He explains the important construction details that make the wallet work, and his own method of making the envelopes, which simplifies everything and leaves the spectators dumbfounded.

For those who don’t want to use a wallet, Pop also explains his “walk-around” handling of the Card on Ceiling. This is a wonderful method for doing the classic effect in restaurant, bar or walk around. You are set up for immediate repetition, and always ready to go from one table or group to another. You don’t have to reset anything. This is a routine that has been performed thousands upon thousands of times for real world audiences all around the world.

Pop Haydn was twice named Close-Up Magician of the Year at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and this routine was one of the reasons. It can be the backbone of any card set.

The download includes two .mp4 files, Part One (669 Mgb) and Part Two (647 Mgb).

For more information, go HERE!

“I am not really from the 21st Century, myself…”


Echoes Under Sunset: Music, Comedy and Magic!

Thursday, Nov 13! Echoes Under Sunset. Music, Comedy, Magic!

Zak Sabbath, Dan Adhoot, Nate Bargatez, Pop Haydn and Genevieve.


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