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The Magic of Magnetized Water!







Trust the Original

Pop Haydn’s Original Magnetized Water from California




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Bruce Gold Attractive

Magnetized Water at Mirtollucci & Sons

Pop Haydn explains Magnetized Water!


Pop Haydn and Phil Van Tee in the Peller Theater

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Pop Haydn and Phil Van Tee in the Peller Theater of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. February 2, 2014.

Photos by Billy Baque


Pop Haydn explains Magnetized Water

Pop Haydn performs his magnetic water routine in the Peller Theater at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.


Handy Refrigerator Magnets:




Pop Haydn has a plan to end global warming!





Magnetic Water Warning!


Funny! Fitzgerald Interviews Pop Haydn!

Our Drummer

Pop Haydn is working hard to spread the word about “Pop Haydn’s Original Magnetized Water from California.” Pop is an old-school, probably “old-fashioned” marketer and believes in on the ground level salesmanship. Our global marketing staff is finding ways to let people know about our product in the most immediate and personal way. 

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