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Looking for a good ending…

Folks, I’m kinda stuck here…looking for a good ending–at least a better one than “What could I do? They ate me.”

We only have ten days left on our fundraising campaign!

You can help heat things up by going to and giving just five dollars to help support the Pop Haydn Post-Modern Medicine Show and live variety theater.

It is your sacred duty.

Under the gun

Pop Haydn needs your help!

We are under the gun, folks–just moving into the last two weeks of our funding campaign for Pop Haydn’s Post-Modern Medicine Show.

Now is the best time to contribute!

Support live variety theater!

It’s the cure for the 21st Century!

It’ll make you feel better!

To donate, or to find out more, go here:

Medicine Show Funding Campaign

Pop Haydn is running out of time!

Pop Haydn

Pop Haydn is running out of time!

Pop Haydn needs your help!
We are running out of time!
Only 22 Days Left, Folks!
We have so far raised $2,955, Help us reach our goal!
Please help promote live variety theater by stopping by here and donating Five Dollars to our funding campaign:

It’s easy and it’s safe!
Giving is great!
It’ll make you feel better!

Pop Haydn’s Forgotten Olympic Invention

The PopFlatable Safety Harness


Pop Haydn’s PopFlatable Safety Harness for the Olympics was unfairly ridiculed and dismissed.

This was an idea before its time, by a man after his time.

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