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Pop Haydn claims “I am not Old School”


A mild little rant. I have had several people–young magicians, actually–saying nice things about me online, but then saying something like “He’s old school, but really good” or things to that effect.

This doesn’t really hurt my feelings, but it just isn’t really accurate.

I am not Old School, I am just old.

This act and character never appeared before 2005. There really is no school for this. It is new. It was made in the 21st Century, by a citizen of the 21st Century, for the 21st Century.

It is not a reenactment, or an old-style act. It is a 21st Century show.

It is something hopefully refreshing, that will make people “feel better.”

Of my seven performing awards as “Magician of the Year” at The Magic Castle®, five of them were won here in this Century, in front of the people–young and old–of the 21st Century.

And let me say I LOVE it here. I wouldn’t go back to the 20th Century for anything. It is the best and most exciting time in the history of the planet.

I have put down roots here, and Magill and I plan to continue working, performing and inventing in this great and brave new Century for the rest of our lives!

Pop Haydn, Legend of Magic, in this month’s Vanish Magazine!


Pop Haydn! This month, in Vanish Magazine!

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The Melbourne Magic Festival, July 2015!


Pop Haydn will be performing at The Melbourne Magic Festival, July 2015!

Also appearing from the USA is Rob Zabrecky. Pop Haydn just won “Stage Magician of the Year” at the Magic Castle, and Rob Zabrecky is this year’s “Parlor Magician of the Year”


Zabrecky Melbourne

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