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Pop Haydn says, “I will never understand this steampunk thing…”



Sifu Giuseppe Aliotta, Pop Haydn and Michael Vincent in a lively discussion about magic.

Michael Vincent’s Blog: Pop Haydn Part 2

“WOW, what can I say about my very special guest Pop Haydn?

“It has been a great week leading up to this final installment of Pop’s Blog contribution. I have received many emails from my community expressing their delight at reading Pop’s thoughts and the impact it has had on them. In my opinion, Pop is one of the few magician’s left along with Darwin Ortiz who really understands magic as a craft and as a theatrical experience.

“Pop along with Darwin are two people in magic whose opinion about my work really matters to me. I ask you, “who do you turn to for advise and support for your magic”?Mentoring is a dying aspect of mastery in any craft. When I first met Pop at The Magic Castle in 2001, he “BLEW MY MIND” not just with his great magic – it was is attitude and approach to deception that turned me on. I hadn’t met anyone quite like him, not since my first meeting with Slydini in 1982. Here was someone that expanded my understanding of the psychological game we are playing with our audience.

“The time I have spent with Pop, have been truly wonderful and I have come away inspired to be a better magician.  Pop once said to me, “You can perform the classics and make an audience enjoy it, you are a magician” This really inspired me and also our mutual love for Jean Hugads Royal Road to Card Magic particularly the last chapter on Stand-up Card Magic.

“Thank you Pop for a great contribution this week!”

~Michael Vincent


If you missed Part 1–

 Michael Vincent’s Blog: Pop Haydn Part 1

Bruce Gold says: “I’m sticking with Pop Haydn’s Magnetized Water!”


Pop Haydn and Dana Daniels appearing in Simi Valley April 2nd!


April’s Junkyard Magic features host Pop Haydn with this month’s Guest Star Dana Daniels. Dana, teamed with his Psychic Parrot Luigi ( yes, a Psychic Parrot ), have been  entertaining   audiences around the country. 

With Dana as the comedian, and Luigi as the straight bird, the duo never fail to fracture an audience with laughter. Dana sets out to prove his little green friend is truly clairvoyant by performing incredible magic blended with rapid-fire clean comedy and audience participation.

Dana has been recognized by his peers as one of the best comedian magicians working today. His past accolades include, Comedy Magician of the Year ( from the Academy of Magical Arts ), Two time Stage Magician of the Year ( from the Academy of Magical Arts ) and Awarded the Jimmy Durante Comedy Award.

Pop Haydn will demonstrate his incredible original invention, The Teleportation Device. Bring your goggles.

Don’t miss this exciting show. 

More information here:

Congratulations to Erika Larsen, our new Magic Castle President!



Shortly after the announcement of our new Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, Erika Larsen was elected President of the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle) by the new Board of Directors. Erika is the daughter of the late Bill Larsen and the lovely Irene Larsen, who founded the club along with Bill’s brother, Milt Larsen.

Erika has been serving on the board for some time, and is going to make a great President.

* denotes elected

Board of Directors

Magician Members:

*Erika Larsen (716)
*Jim Steinmeyer (697)
*Randy Sinnott (669)
*Chip Chalmers (466)

HON A. W. Mednick (277)
Harold Koenigsaecker (225)

Associate Members:

*Saratoga Ballantine ((675)
*Maurice Newman (623)
*Brian Tolman ((540)

Alan McFarland (381)

Board of Trustees

*Max Maven (424)
*Rob Zabrecky (406)
*David Regal (373)
*Mark Wilson (356)
*Jon Armstrong (334)
*Joan Lawton (326)
*Steve Valentine (294)

Gay Blackstone (238)
John Lovick (238)
Shoot Ogawa (216)
Chuck Jones (184)
Dennis Forel (131)
Jim Yoder (99)

I am looking forward to a great new year for the Magic Castle!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks to Neil Patrick Harris

Pop Haydn, Neil Patrick Harris and Nancy MagillPop Haydn, Neil Patrick Harris and Nancy Magill

Thanks to Neil Patrick Harris for all he has done for the Magic Castle!

His term as President of the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle®) ends today at our general meeting as we welcome our new Board of Directors and officers.

Neil has been a tireless promoter of magic and the Magic Castle, and done a wonderful job helping the club to move into a new era of high profile success. He will soon be living full time in NYC, and we wish him all the best.

For Magill and me, thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the club!

You will be sorely missed as our president. I hope that your move to NYC will not mean that you will be visiting us less often.


My new hand-made Okito Coin Box!

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I have been spending the last few days playing with my new Okito Coin Box. This is a wonderful piece made be craftsman Craig Ousterling.

Billy Baque has been staying with me the past few days, and he oversaw the machining of the piece which Craig does on a small lathe, and gifted me with this. Billy has been staying at my house the last few days, and he has been helping me design my routine for the box. Photos by Billy Baque.

I am very excited about the routine, and pleased beyond measure at this generous gift.

Craig Ousterling can be reached here:

Pop memes what he says!

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Photos by Billy Baque

Pop Haydn and Dana Daniels appearing in Simi Valley April 2nd!

April Junkyard Magic


More Info:

We serve Pop Haydn’s Original Magnetized Water


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