Congratulations to Erika Larsen, our new Magic Castle President!



Shortly after the announcement of our new Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, Erika Larsen was elected President of the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle) by the new Board of Directors. Erika is the daughter of the late Bill Larsen and the lovely Irene Larsen, who founded the club along with Bill’s brother, Milt Larsen.

Erika has been serving on the board for some time, and is going to make a great President.

* denotes elected

Board of Directors

Magician Members:

*Erika Larsen (716)
*Jim Steinmeyer (697)
*Randy Sinnott (669)
*Chip Chalmers (466)

HON A. W. Mednick (277)
Harold Koenigsaecker (225)

Associate Members:

*Saratoga Ballantine ((675)
*Maurice Newman (623)
*Brian Tolman ((540)

Alan McFarland (381)

Board of Trustees

*Max Maven (424)
*Rob Zabrecky (406)
*David Regal (373)
*Mark Wilson (356)
*Jon Armstrong (334)
*Joan Lawton (326)
*Steve Valentine (294)

Gay Blackstone (238)
John Lovick (238)
Shoot Ogawa (216)
Chuck Jones (184)
Dennis Forel (131)
Jim Yoder (99)

I am looking forward to a great new year for the Magic Castle!

Congratulations to all the winners!

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