Weasel is Winning Vote!


The Weasel has pulled ahead of the Wild Turkey as mascot of the Greater American Confidence Party in our virtual vote. It is now far in the lead.

Voting is only open for one month total.

You can see the current results by clicking on View Results.

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  1. It still looks like a mongoose to me, when will the actual weasel show up?


    • It is a mongoose, Argent. It was mislabeled as I said below. This Blog post is from October, 2011. We put up a real weasel in a later blog.

      The weasel thought the mongoose looked more honest, and would make a better front man. Turns out he was right. The weasel won.


  2. THAT’S NOT A WEASEL! It’s a yellow mongoose! Completely different species!


    • Yes, you are right. We found the photo on the internet mislabeled. We have since put up a very nice photo of an actual weasel. You’d think I’d know a weasel when I saw one, but this guy looked legit to me…


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