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Pop Haydn is running again…


Folks, this is an election year–I will be running for something! Please join the “Greater American Confidence Party” by hitting LIKE. We are growing fast. In Sanity We Trust! Let’s bring confidence back to the government! Professional confidence, not the amateur stuff we’ve been getting…

You can find more info about the Greater American Confidence Party and Pop Haydn’s platform at

Please join the cause and the party, which is a purely virtual online party, by hitting LIKE at


Temperance Union supports Pop Haydn for President!

The Women’s Temperance Union has thrown their support behind Pop Haydn for President of the United States. after he promised to give up drinking if he was elected.

Major Polls Give Pop Haydn a Chance in Presidential Run!

Pop Haydn Excited about Chance Polls Give Him

The latest major poll seems to show the American Confidence Party may still have a chance of winning this election!

I have seen some usually prescient polls that also give me similar hope.

Common sense, a willingness to share and compromise, and a friendly and welcoming attitude toward the opposition is the hallmark of our party!

An honest, issues-oriented campaign may still win the day!

At least I am sanguine in this course we have undertaken of being honest and straight-forward with the American people, and we will never compromise.

Collusion, my friends, not compromise!

That’s our ticket!

Vote often, and vote Pop!

Pop Haydn Wins Nomination for American Confidence Party!

Pop Haydn wins GACP nomination

I am proud to announce that I have become the nominee of the Greater American Confidence Party for President of the United States.

I am honored and nearly humbled.

Thank you all for your support!

I promise to run a clean campaign. I do not intend to even mention the other two candidates much less sling dirt on them. I don’t think I am any better a man than either of the other major candidates–both Romney and Obama are professional politicians just like me. Instead of attacks against my opponents, I intend to run on ideas–it is a lot cheaper than coal or gas, and I have an endless supply.

I want to govern from the center, with the money people and special interests on one side and the politicians on the other. I will be cutting up the pot. The people will be getting the same deal as always, but I promise to lower the overhead through better management.

For one thing, we can outsource the current congress. This will not only make things much more efficient, it will be much cheaper. You can buy third world politicians for much less than an American senator or congressman. They will have every bit as much concern for the taxpayers as our current bunch. Besides, having this sort of competition from the leaner and hungrier politicians from developing countries will help make our own politicians work harder and get back that edge they seem to have lost. This could greatly enhance their productivity.

I have no intention of deceiving the public. I am always honest, in my political speeches just as I am in my medicine oil pitches…people may find themselves sometimes a bit befogged by the preciseness and technicality of the language that I use, but I only lie once in a very great while…and then only when cornered or provoked.

I am in it for myself, folks! I only want the money. Power means little to me, as it requires too great a degree of responsibility. But I am not that greedy a person, either. I just want to live comfortably with little effort. In return, I will organize the crime and graft in Washington. I will cut out all the middlemen, eliminate duplication and therefore reduce the expense to the public.

I will provide the same quality of government that the people are used to, but at a much lower cost.

Some people see the many great challenges facing government, I see the many great opportunities facing me.

I am sorry that the convention and its activities were not announced publicly, but we thought it best to keep the convention completely virtual. Without any real or living delegates, politicians and actors, we were able to have a perfect convention–No hiccups, no mistakes, no goofs. Everything went smoothly and efficiently.

I will post photos this week.

I intend to reveal no details of my plans for changes once I am in office. No one wants to watch sausage being made…ha ha…

But the general economic plans I have outlined should be apparent to even a third grader. I don’t want to deceive anyone. I will be just like any other politician; but, if you elect me you won’t feel like such a dupe!

You will know what you are getting, and  can never be disappointed…

Two years from now, no matter who wins this election you will be able to say:

“Don’t blame me–I voted for Pop!”

Vote Pop!

Pop Haydn Campaign — transportation hampered by weak fundraising.

Pop Haydn on the Campaign Trail

Where did Google go?

Wikipedia Blackout: 11 Huge Sites Protest SOPA, PIPA On January 18:

Huffington Post on the Black Out

Don’t let politics take away our freedom.

The Weasel Wins!

Our New Mascot -- The Weasel

The election for the Greater American Confidence Party mascot has ended. The Weasel is the victor. From now on, we in the GACP will be represented by a weasel. Thanks for all of your participation. Finally, we can move forward as a party to victory!

Next we will have to choose a candidate for president of the United States.

I humbly put my name up for consideration.

The results of the month-long poll:

Who should be the mascot for the American Confidence Party?

Answer Votes Percent
Weasel 123 63%
Wild Turkey 32 16%
Grey Fox 18 9%
Racoon 13 7%
Badger 5 3%
Opossum 3 2%

Weasel is Winning Vote!


The Weasel has pulled ahead of the Wild Turkey as mascot of the Greater American Confidence Party in our virtual vote. It is now far in the lead.

Voting is only open for one month total.

You can see the current results by clicking on View Results.

Vote for ACP Mascot

We have had a number of wonderful suggestions for a mascot for the American Confidence Party.

We have taken the top ones to put in this poll, so we can let the people decide.

We want a mascot that reflects the values and beliefs and character of our party.

Please take a moment to check one and vote.

Participate in democracy!


Grey Fox
Wild Turkey
American Badger
American Weasel

We’re all for you!

There are still free campaign kits available folks! Get ‘em while they are free! You get a Pop Haydn campaign button, a campaign poster Postcard, and a Greater American Confidence Party membership card.

Free shipping and Handling!

Now we can’t keep this offer up for very long (the button alone sells for $3.25 in our online store) but we want to give everyone a chance, and don’t want to put up with the whiners who come back saying, “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to quit giving stuff away free?”

So this is your chance. All you have to do is sign up on our membership list at the ACP Online Headquarters

Don’t be a loser!

Sign up for the sake of the country.

At least go look at the page to find out what this is all about.

You don’t want to be the last one to know, do you?

Help strike a blow for the thin “Sanity Fringe” of American politics.

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