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Son of the Invisible Man

Some people think they are invisible when they are merely transparent…

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Sale at Pop’s Magic!


Halloween Sale!

20% OFF all purchases over $20
Just use the coupon code: “Spooky” at checkout
Be sure to click on “Apply”

Good thru Oct 31st

Pop’s Magic

the Stooge at the Magic Castle

There will be a showing of “the Stooge” tonight at the Magic Castle. I am looking forward to it!

The Stooge 01

The Stooge

Magnetized Water, the true story.

Magnetized Water Poster

More Info 

Old age ain’t no place for sissies…

Bette Davis Old Age

The Chinese Linking Rings

The Mongolian Pop-Knot


The Shell Game

Coins Across and the Intricate Web


the Stooge

The Stooge

Great job to all the cast and crew of “the Stooge” by Christopher Priest!

Just saw it last night at a private screening. Very pleased.

The story follows a downtrodden but determined man who seeks work as a magician’s assistant and soon realizes that the world of magic reveals more surprises than he could ever have imagined.

Director: Rogelio Fojo

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