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Labor Day Sale Ends Sept 5th!


Pop’s Magic has a Labor Day Sale going until September 5th!

Don’t Miss Out!

10% OFF all orders over $20.

Just use the coupon code: “Labor” at checkout.

Be sure to press “Apply”

Pop’s Magic

We also have three new video’s coming out this month, with $5 Off if you pre-order the DVDs:


Multiplying Balls for the Street

Phoenix Aces

Pop Haydn’s Shell Game Routine

Billy McComb’s Vanishing Bird Cage

The late, truly great Billy McComb performing his Slow Motion Vanishing Bird Cage:

Billy McComb’s Bird Cage for Sale

Own a piece of magic history!

As much as I hate to part with anything of Billy McComb’s, I have decided that I am never going to do it, and I don’t have any place to display it so I should let it go to someone who will perform it, or to someone who does have a place to display it.

This cage is a polished Encore Vanishing Bird Cage, one of the first made. It was sent directly to McComb from the maker, Christopher Reesman, and the original shipping box labeled to Billy’s address and hand written notes by Billy McComb in blue marker.

Also included is the brass box that folded flat for carrying. This is the prototype, sent to Billy for approval for the Encore set. The box enables the performer to hook the cage from behind the box and then lift it up to show the audience. We also include the two wonderful DVDs put out by Encore with the set that teach everything about the history, handling and psychology of Billy’s most well-known routine. No pull.

The cage, brass box and 2 DVDs are $1500.

Contact Pop Haydn at

Sunflowers on my Mind

These are photos taken in my garden. It is so good to leave the office and sit outside a bit and watch the bees.

New Pop Haydn Videos Coming Out!

We will be shooting some new teaching videos in the next two weeks! We are very excited!

The videos will include “Phoenix Aces”, “Multiplying Balls for the Street,” and my “Shell Game” routine.┬áThese will teach all the moves, patter, and presentational details of each routine. These routines are extremely commercial and strong, and have been an important part of my performing repertoire for many years. These videos will be available before the end of September, and maybe even sooner. They will be $25 at that time, but if you pre-order, you can save $5.00, and be the first to receive the DVD.


We have put all the video of August’s Shindig in a playlist:

Just click on the little arrow icon at the upper left of the video.

Pop’s Magic 10% OFF for Labor Day!

Pop’s Magic is offering 10% OFF on all orders over $20 until Labor Day. Just use the coupon code “Labor” at checkout. Just click on the link below:


Pop’s Magic


Pop Haydn’s Shindig by Billy Baque

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Liberty Larsen & Shayne Eastin at Shindig!

Liberty Larsen & Andrew Goldenhersh at Shindig!

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