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New Pop Haydn Videos Coming Out!

We will be shooting some new teaching videos in the next two weeks! We are very excited!

The videos will include “Phoenix Aces”, “Multiplying Balls for the Street,” and my “Shell Game” routine.¬†These will teach all the moves, patter, and presentational details of each routine. These routines are extremely commercial and strong, and have been an important part of my performing repertoire for many years. These videos will be available before the end of September, and maybe even sooner. They will be $25 at that time, but if you pre-order, you can save $5.00, and be the first to receive the DVD.

Pop Haydn does the Phoenix Aces

Pop Haydn performs the Phoenix Aces in the W. C. Fields Bar at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. September 8, 2013.

Pop does Phoenix Aces:

This is my performance of Cliff Green’s¬†wonderful effect, the Phoenix Aces in the Close-Up Gallery of the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

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