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Pop Haydn’s Magic Castle Awards




These are the performing awards I have won from the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle). The wands are all made from rosewood, ebony and silver by famous magic craftsman John Gaughan. The cases are made of cocobolo wood, except for the 1979 case which is made of walnut. They are engraved on the bottom with Johnny Gaughan’s signature. The crystal globe is from the year that Johnny didn’t make the wands, 2004. That was for “Close-Up Magician of the Year.”


Bob Sheets, Pop Haydn and Doc Eason, 2004.

All the awards I have won at the Castle up until now have been for the “Whit Haydn” character. This year’s award is the first for the “Pop Haydn” character, which I adopted in 2005.

The awards are these:

1979, Stage Magician of the Year

1995, Parlour Magician of the Year

2002, Parlour Magician of the Year

2003, Close Up Magician of the Year

2004, Close Up Magician of the Year

2005, W. C. Fields Bar Magician of the Year

2014, Stage Magician of the Year

Pop Haydn at the Magic Castle

Pop Haydn backstage in the Palace of Mystery


I will be appearing in the Palace of Mystery at the Magic Castle  beginning Monday, March 26 thru Saturday, March 31.

Sunday, April 1st, is the evening of the Magic Castle’s Academy of Magical Arts annual Awards Show, and the Magic Castle will be closed except the private party for those attending the awards at the Saban Theater.

I have been nominated for “Stage Magician of the Year” for my performances in the Palace this year by the Academy. There are still tickets available for the Awards Show, and you can find information about that at the Magic Castle’s website:

April 1st we will see what’s in the envelope!

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