Eric Buss invents Bubble Wrap Bike!

“In case you haven’t heard, my “Bubble Wrap Bike” video has gone viral on Youtube. As I write this, on day number four, it has half of a million views and counting. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!” –Eric Buss

Just heard from my friend Eric Buss that his video of his new invention has gone viral, and that it has been picked up by CNN, MSN, Huffpost, Gizmodo, LiveLeaks, ifunny, and numerous other outlets all over the world. Eric was even called “The New King of Pop!”

So cool! I am very jealous of this ingenious creation, Eric!

Good on you!

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  1. I still think it would have been even more fun with color bubble wrap! Maybe Red, rolling out a red carpet ahead of him .. LOL 🙂


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