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Pop Haydn and Derek Hughes in Simi Valley Wednesday!

Junkyard May

Mark Haslam to appear at Junkyard Magic!


Mark Haslam

Able to work venues from the largest stage to the most intimate room, Mark Haslam transports even the most jaded audience members into a place of intelligent wit and inexplicable events. Mark’s elegant charm is rare in a field dominated by bluster and bombast, and makes his seemingly effortless miracles especially intriguing.Mark’s road to becoming a magician began in England’s Lake District. At a very young age he began performing in village halls, and at fifteen he was asked to appear on British television.

Now relocated to Southern California, Mark’s good-humored elegance has made him a particular favorite at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles.

Mark will be appearing at Pop Haydn’s Junkyard Magic at the Junkyard Cafe in Simi Valley on March 5, 2014.
For more information go HERE.
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