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Sifu Giuseppe Aliotta, Pop Haydn and Michael Vincent in a lively discussion about magic.

Michael Vincent’s Blog: Pop Haydn Part 2

“WOW, what can I say about my very special guest Pop Haydn?

“It has been a great week leading up to this final installment of Pop’s Blog contribution. I have received many emails from my community expressing their delight at reading Pop’s thoughts and the impact it has had on them. In my opinion, Pop is one of the few magician’s left along with Darwin Ortiz who really understands magic as a craft and as a theatrical experience.

“Pop along with Darwin are two people in magic whose opinion about my work really matters to me. I ask you, “who do you turn to for advise and support for your magic”?Mentoring is a dying aspect of mastery in any craft. When I first met Pop at The Magic Castle in 2001, he “BLEW MY MIND” not just with his great magic – it was is attitude and approach to deception that turned me on. I hadn’t met anyone quite like him, not since my first meeting with Slydini in 1982. Here was someone that expanded my understanding of the psychological game we are playing with our audience.

“The time I have spent with Pop, have been truly wonderful and I have come away inspired to be a better magician.  Pop once said to me, “You can perform the classics and make an audience enjoy it, you are a magician” This really inspired me and also our mutual love for Jean Hugads Royal Road to Card Magic particularly the last chapter on Stand-up Card Magic.

“Thank you Pop for a great contribution this week!”

~Michael Vincent


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