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Thanks to Neil Patrick Harris

Pop Haydn, Neil Patrick Harris and Nancy MagillPop Haydn, Neil Patrick Harris and Nancy Magill

Thanks to Neil Patrick Harris for all he has done for the Magic Castle!

His term as President of the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle®) ends today at our general meeting as we welcome our new Board of Directors and officers.

Neil has been a tireless promoter of magic and the Magic Castle, and done a wonderful job helping the club to move into a new era of high profile success. He will soon be living full time in NYC, and we wish him all the best.

For Magill and me, thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the club!

You will be sorely missed as our president. I hope that your move to NYC will not mean that you will be visiting us less often.


School for Scoundrels, our 18th Year!


School for Scoundrels, 2012
Photo by Billy Baque


Pop Haydn and Chef Anton will be teaching their eight-hour course on street scams at the Magic Castle again this November. This course has been taught every year at the Magic Castle since 1996.

The course covers the history, psychology, moves, ruses and application to magic of the three major street scams–Fast and Loose, Three-Card Monte, and the Shell Game–hands on instruction from two experts.

This class is open to anyone over 21, whether they are members of the Magic Castle or not.

We have had historians, magicians, police officers, lawyers and many others take the course over these many years.

It is a great class for steampunk writers and characters, as these games are easy ways to make local money when in a different culture or time period.

No prior knowledge or skill is required. All necessary props will be available for the students during class, and can be purchased from School for Scoundrels.

We have complete notes available in print and DVD.

The course is taught on four consecutive Sunday nights, and a second class is offered on Monday nights, beginning on Sunday, Nov 3rd, and Monday, Nov 4th. The course is taught at the Magic Castle in Hollywood in the Classroom which is next to our library.

It is $160 per person for the class, to be paid at the first class.

We accept up to fifteen people in each class.

If you would like to register, e-mail Nancy Magill at

New Pop Haydn Adventure Slideshow!

New photos by Nancy Magill, Billy Baque, The Jokesters and John Collins are up in a Pop Haydn character adventure slideshow on my character photos page:

Character Photos


Photo by Billy Baque

Pop Haydn to Appear at World Steam Expo

Pop Haydn and Nancy Magill will be at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan this Memorial Day weekend. Accompanying them will be Sophie Evans, the “Little Wonder from Down Under” who will demonstrate her ability to manipulate fire, electricity and gravity through mesmeric and yogic techniques.

Pop will demonstrate some amazing phenomena using a powerful modified Tesla Coil and cutting-edge concepts in radio-magnetism and di-electric field theory.

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