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Burns Night at the Magic Castle! Tomorrow Night!


Tomorrow night at the Magic Castle, 6:00 pm in the Hat and Hare–

Burns Night!

Haggis! Scotch! Taters! Neeps! Poetry! Bag Pipes!

Join me and the magicians of Scotland for music and poetry in celebration of Rantin’ Robbie! Bring your instrument, sing us a song! Recite your favorite Burns lines or poem!

BTW, can anyone tell me where the picture of Robert Burns is built into the The Magic Castle®?

Robert Burns Night, Tomorrow Night!

Robert Burns Night, Tomorrow Night!

Robert Burns

We will be celebrating Robert Burns Night tomorrow evening from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the new Hat and Hare which is being first opened for this event–the first time opened since the fire.

The unexpected death of Mark Nelson, who seemed to put these things together effortlessly, and of course, the fire in October have complicated things quite a bit.

But we are set! There WILL be a Piper, AND yer Haggis! Neeps and Taters! Music and poetry! Scots Whiskey! Men in Kilts! Everyone is invited to wear Scottish costumes–they are good for the whole evening at the Castle.

Everyone is invited to participate! I have a limited number of spaces for non-member guests–please contact me at before 4:00 pm Monday (Feb 6) afternoon.

We would love you to bring something of Burns to sing or read or play. It is an easy-going, un-structured, single malt-centered kind of evening.

The photo of Burns you see here is a famous one. In our dining room, in the windows that line the outside of the Terrace, you will find the faint engraving of this portrait in the stained glass. These beautiful windows were taken from the Robert Burns Pub.

Great magicians have come from Scotland, including John Henry Anderson, the Wizard of the North, John Ramsay, Ron Wilson and many, many more.

This past week was Scots Week at the Castle, with magicians from Scotland performing. Burns Night tips a glass to them and to those that came before them, and to Ron Wilson who dedicated so much of his life to the Magic Castle.

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