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Neil Patrick Harris is a puppet!


Neil Patrick Harris as a marionette

Scott Land is a wonderful puppeteer and sculptor, and this is a commissioned piece for the World Famous Magic Castle. Neil Patrick Harris is being made into a marionette for a special event. Neil is the current president of the Magic Castle, and one of its most avid promoters.

Scott Land is a puppeteer who’s seasoned performing skills are on display in nearly every scene of Paramount Pictures’ Team America: World Police. During the making of the movie—the most expensive puppet-driven feature film ever produced—Scott did more than pull the strings on dozens of lead characters. Throughout the 4 months of shooting, Land lent his expertise to director/producersTrey Parker and Matt Stone who, shot by shot, relied on his 25 years of marionette experience to help them create their landmark film. Other screen credits include Disney’s The Princess Diaries 2, for which he created and performed a Julie Andrews look-alike marionette, seen on the Special Features section of the DVD. His other TV and film credits include Pee Wee’s Playhouse, The Ben Stiller Show, Still Breathing, Shakes the Clown and Rodney Dangerfield’s Birthday Bash.

You can find more about Scott Land here:

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