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Pop Haydn and Sophie Evans at the World Steam Expo

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Pop Haydn and Sophie Evans present a portion of the Pop Haydn Medicine Show at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan on Memorial Day weekend. Sophie performed her sexy fire magic act, and Pop did his medicine pitch and demonstrated his Teleportation Device and even contacted the Spirit World, and then Sophie and Pop demonstrated “Tesla Girl,” a new piece featuring a Tesla Coil and an unusual phenomenon that seems to manipulate the forces of Gravity itself. The Law of Gravity isn’t broken, but we bend the heck out of it.

Nancy Magill helped run the technical aspects including the 120,000 volt Tesla Coil.

We were a part of the Midnight Carnival, getting to work with some of our favorite steampunk acts including Frenchy and the Punk, the Bawdy Boys, and the Shock and Awe Sideshow, along with beautiful burlesque vixen Haley Jane. Our dear friend Michael Shea emceed as “Doctor Midnight.”

These photos are courtesy of our friend John Collins at

Pop Haydn to Appear at World Steam Expo

Pop Haydn and Nancy Magill will be at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan this Memorial Day weekend. Accompanying them will be Sophie Evans, the “Little Wonder from Down Under” who will demonstrate her ability to manipulate fire, electricity and gravity through mesmeric and yogic techniques.

Pop will demonstrate some amazing phenomena using a powerful modified Tesla Coil and cutting-edge concepts in radio-magnetism and di-electric field theory.

Women in Magic Week at the Magic Castle:

Pop Haydn at World Steam Expo


Pop Haydn will be appearing at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-28th. Pop will be doing his mind-bending magic and his medicine spiel, but he will also be introducing Sophie Evans as Tesla Girl, who will be demonstrating her unique abilities in organic magnetism and radio-electrics.

Nancy Magill will also be there.

For more information about the World Steam Expo, go here:

World Steam Expo Website

Fire at the Magic Castle!

Sophie Evans

The Magic Castle will be closed tonight, Halloween, because of a fire in the attic.

The fire started at 12:35 pm this afternoon, and was put out in just over an hour. No one was hurt, and the fire is out. The Magic Castle is okay with only superficial and water damage to the attic. The Castle will be closed tonight until the damage can be assessed. It will re-0pen as soon as possible.

More information is available here:

Sophie Evans has been performing all this past week with her amazing fire magic act and fire-eating in the Palace of Mystery–part of our Inferno at the Magic Castle Halloween week theme, and unfortunately will not be able to perform her last shows tonight.

Sophie, of course, denies any involvement in this unfortunate affair, and she looks perfectly innocent to me…

Sophie Evans at the Magic Castle

Video of Sophie Evans’ Fire Act

Sophie Evans will be performing all week in the Palace of Mystery beginning Monday, October 24th, and on until Halloween Night, October 31st.

She will be doing her very sexy fire magic act. She has some wonderful new bits in it, which she performed tonight at Erika Larsen’s Brookledge Follies.

Also on the Palace show are Bruce Block and Sylvester the Jester. It is a special Halloween Week at the Magic Castle and should be a whole lot of fun.

Sophie Evans–The Girl at the Bar

Sophie Evans

Sophie Evans

Closed Monte: The Girl at the Bar

—a monte script by Whit Haydn and Sophie Evans

“Mark is in town on business, and is sitting in a quiet, expensive bar near his hotel. It is late, but he is intrigued by a beautiful, sexy lady who is sitting alone at the bar. Mark watches until he’s sure she isn’t waiting for someone. He approaches her, and the two begin to talk.

“The girl, Dianne, is both flirtatious and in high spirits. She is dressed well and acts like she has money.

“Mark buys her a drink. Dianne warms up to Mark, and he begins to think this night might be more interesting than anticipated.

“A second man, Jack, comes over to the bar to order a drink. Dianne engages him in conversation, and pretty soon Jack begins to compete with Mark for the lady’s attention. It turns out that Jack is an amateur magician, and he does a few simple card tricks, but they are not very impressive.

“Dianne is wild about them. “You’re really great! Do you do that thing with the three cards? Like they do on 42nd Street?”

“Jack launches into a lecture on the trickery involved in that swindle, and explains that no one can keep up with the cards when they are thrown by an expert card sharp such as himself.

“Dianne insists on a demonstration, and gets ticked off when she is wrong several times in a row. She is obviously very competitive, and doesn’t like to lose.

“Jack tries to quit as he begins to sense that the game frustrates her. She refuses to let him quit. “Look, I’ll bet you twenty. Don’t be such a chicken. It’s only money for Chris’ sake. Come on. Twenty on the ace this time.”

“She shames Jack into playing for money.

“Each time she plays, she misses.

“Dianne turns to Mark all in a twist, “Can you follow this? I can’t figure it out…”

“Mark says he can keep up with it pretty well. He was right every time so far, after all.

“Dianne bets another twenty, and when Mark suggest a card, she turns it and wins. She puts her palm on Mark’s chest, “You’re great!”

“Jack says, “Well look, I’m not going to play against the two of you.”

“As Jack orders a drink and is talking to the bartender, Dianne winks at Mark to get his attention, and then touches her lips with a finger. She then marks the back of the ace on it’s corner with a smudge of lipstick and gives Mark’s hand an excited squeeze.

“When Jack turns back, Dianne is insistent that he give her a chance to get the rest of her money back. Jack is now obviously unhappy with the way things are going.

“He refuses and starts to leave.

“Dianne holds him by the arm. “Oh, come on. I’ll bet you $500 that I can get it this time. I’ll put up $250 and my boyfriend here will put up $250.”

“Mark starts to protest. Dianne squeezes his knee and whispers into his ear, “Let’s you and me spend his money tonight! Come on, baby, help me show this sleaze up!”

“Mark still hesitates. Dianne whispers again, “Oh, you’ve got the money—I saw it when you bought the drinks. Don’t be an idiot. Nobody passes up a sure thing!”

“Mark gives in.

“Jack is now copping a real attitude. He puts down his stakes, and Mark and Diannematch. Jack throws the cards and turns to Dianne, “But you have to pick the card, not him. And no help.”

“Dianne stands right up to Jack. “The bets already up. We didn’t agree to that. We both put up money, its up to us to decide who chooses. Go ahead, Mark. You pick one.”

“Mark reaches for the card with the lipstick on the back. The card that he knew was the ace…

“It’s a loser.

“Jack looks up at Dianne and Mark. “You two tried to cheat me, didn’t you?”

“He picks up the money and turns away, as he walks off he says, “Shouldn’t try to kid a kidder…”

“Dianne turns to Mark. “I can’t believe it! I think I’m going to be sick. How could that have happened? Look, buy me another drink, I go to go to the ladies room.”

“Mark sits at the bar nursing two drinks for what seems like a very long time…”

— From School for Scoundrels Notes on Three-Card Monte by Whit Haydn

Photo is from a painting by Sophie Evans’ father, John Dupret.

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