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“Stories of a Street Performer” by Pop Haydn

Street Magician 1974

Whit “Pop” Haydn, 1974

“Whit “Pop” Haydn, six-time award winning Magician and former Vice President of the world famous Magic Castle, shares his over 40 years of experiences performing magic all around the world. Stories of a Street Performer is a classic tale and a must read. This book is filled with vital lessons for the up and coming performer and life lessons that all can learn from. Whether you are an aspiring performer, a fan of magicians, or a seeker of exciting stories, this is one book you will not be able to put down.”

Three-Card Monte in Spanish

The School for Scoundrels has just made a deal with Dani DaOrtiz to have my book on Three Card Monte published in Spanish. “The School for Scoundrels Notes on Three-Card Monte” is the most thorough book on this scam, including its history, psychology, moves and ruses and application to magic.
I am very excited!


Reviews of the book here:

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