FREE Pop Haydn Campaign Button!

This is Pop Haydn’s campaign button for the coming election.

You can wear it proudly to show that you are no sucker! You know who you are voting for, and what you’re going to get out of it, and you don’t care! You know that you will never be disappointed voting for Pop!

We are putting together a FREE membership package for the Greater American Confidence Party, including this button, a lovely poster postcard, the official Greater American Confidence Party membership card and more.

It will be free to anyone who signs on to our member mailing list HERE, and don’t forget to include a mailing address in the Comment Box.

We will only email you on rare occasions when we have something important to announce.

The package should be ready in a couple of weeks.

If you are fed up with politics as usual, join the GACP!

We are a completely virtual party,  with a completely virtual candidate and we put the emphasis on PARTY.

We won’t share your information with anyone, except maybe the C. I. A., and only if they threaten to waterboard us…

(You know they already have it, anyway…)


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  1. Vote Pop. A true leader. Political Prestidigitation. Con Man Conjuring. What better candidate to run this Nation?


    • You are an intelligent, forward-thinking individual–a man of perspicacity and sure-footedness, a man with both nerve and energy! The kind of person I like to call friend…Thank you for your support.


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