Seasonal Items

Howdy, Friends!

Football season is here.  Let Pop keep you warm during the game with one of his big stadium blankets, available in five beautiful designs.  They’re soft & snuggly (like Pop himself) and are a generous 50″X60″.

Get yours at Pop’s Dry Goods and be ready for the cold weather!

–Nancy Magill

About Nancy Magill

Nancy Magill Haydn, also known as “Lil,” is a native of Los Angeles, California and has been married to Whit “Pop” Haydn since 2000. Nancy is an avid reader and enjoys walks in the park with her quirky dog and husband. She worked in the banking industry for more than 25 years before leaving the corporate world behind to work with Pop Haydn and Steve Mitchell to produce both the stage and radio versions of Pop Haydn’s Medicine Show. Nancy also runs Pop’s General Merchandise, the on-line store that sells a variety of Pop’s miracle products and other creations and memorabilia. Nancy Magill is the business-end of the company, most of our common sense, and she keeps an eye on the money.

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