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The Greater American Confidence Party has a new website. Just click on the picture above, or HERE to be taken there immediately. There you will find out information about this new third party–a virtual party from the sanity fringe of American politics.

Join Pop Haydn, Nancy Magill, Steve Mitchell and all the other Confidence Partiers as we have some fun, and poke fun at the American political process and at our leaders and shakers.

About Pop Haydn

I am not originally from the 21st Century myself, but have been stuck here by accident--not entirely my fault--with a bunch of other maroons from another very different time and place... Nevertheless, my companions and I love it here and just like everyone else we are just trying to get by in this exciting and progressive era. With a variety show of steampunk-oriented magic, comedy and music, Pop's company entertains and sells a few bottles of Amazing Miracle Oil, Wonder Elixer, or Magnetized Water.

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  1. The first 100 campaign packets are going out tomorrow! If you want to support Pop in this important work you can contact the Greater American Confidence Party and sign up for a free campaign kit…while supplies last. There is other cool campaign merchandise available in Pop’s Gift Shop! Show the world that you’re not a sucker; you know exactly what Pop stands for!


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