The Scarlett Harlott

Fallon Ellingson, better known as the Scarlett Harlott, was the PyrateCon 2008 Grand Marshal in the Pirate Invasion on Bourbon Street parade!

Karin Mckechnie is the dressmaker for this beautiful outfit, as she was for the one in our last post of the beautiful pirate lass Erika Melody.

By the way, Erika Melody is a make-up artist and model and Fallon Ellingson is her mother. Two lovely, lovely pirates.

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  1. Wow, thank you Pop! I’m honored to be on your page here!
    I spell it “Scarlett Harlott” but I’m not a stickler for details! HAHA!
    Hope to see you soon and thanks again for the shout out!
    Scarlett Harlott


    • You are most welcome. You and Erika have really graced my page here with your presence.

      I am so sorry about the spelling of your name, honey.

      I have fixed it.

      I apologize for my carelessness. (Magill wasn’t around today to fix up my stuff…)


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