About the rumors in the press…

Whitehorse Ranch

Facing the 21st Century

There have been some nasty rumors and innuendoes in the media, and especially here on the world wide internet web, about me and about my sincerity in running for what has become the most important office in the land–the presidency of the United States.

I will not dissemble.

I am, in fact, developing a reality television series. That part is true.

It is the true story of 19th Century expatriates trying to get by in the 21st Century any way they can–the struggles of common hard-working people who are basically undocumented aliens in their own country. These are people who–by no fault of their own–were translated into a world 100 years in the future.

The True Story of these brave and resourceful transplants is available at Pop Haydn’s True Story. The working title is either “Desperate Townfolk” or “Househusbands of the California Desert” but that may change until we get a final working title.

In this little reality series about our village in the California desert there will be sex, violence, nudity, drama, and whatever else it takes to get ratings.

But this is a reality series meant to confront real issues and raise real questions.

We have serious and artistic goals to accomplish that are much more important than the quick infusion of cash this might supply our other projects.

And most importantly, it reflects nothing on my current campaign for the presidency of the United States.

My campaign is much more than just a publicity stunt for a reality television show!

I am surprised that the magazines and talk shows would suggest as much.

Surprised and disappointed!

Why, this is the type of yellow journalism that has soiled news gathering for so long now, and is beneath the contempt of right-thinking individuals who know what to believe when they see it.

Those who have tried to minimize and ridicule my candidacy as such are just desperate and unhappy people…people who may have something to fear from my entrance into the fray.

I don’t know why these media bullies need to pick on a small group of unfortunate maroons from another era who are just trying to get by in the 21st Century like anybody else, but let me just say that whether the show gets picked up or not, my campaign will continue just as seriously.

I will sit here puzzled and saddened by these charges, but undaunted.

My faithful dog Cash is beside me, and he seems to have a higher opinion of me than many of those whose opinions I value less.

Thank you for your attention, and for your continued support in this important cause.

–Pop Haydn

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  1. The nerve of the media. They report only what they want, which is something that has sensationalism (even if it ain’t true). Look at Dan Rather years ago.

    Pop has my vote and friendship. I am doing all I can here in the South to get him elected. We need an honest charlatan in office. At least, with Pop, we know where he stands.


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